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Smarts Society Ultimate IQ test
Smarts Society knowledge test.

The Ultimate IQ test.

Instructions for the test:
The Ultimate IQ test is more accurate, and much more conventional than the genral knowledge IQ test. The ceiling of this test is 180. There are 40 question in total, which measure the 4 principal aspects of human intelligence: Verbal, mathematical, logical, and visual/spatial. There are 10 questions for each aspect of intelligence. The test is timed, you have 1 hour to complete it. Age is a very important factor, so when you send your answers, please tell us your date of birth.No reference, calculators, or discussions with other people allowed. Send your answers to You will receive your results within a week.Results will include overall score, plus score for different aspects.
1- What is a synonym of the word "condone"?
A- Forget
B- Encourage
C- Condemn
D- Forgive
E- Speak
2- What is the opposite of the word "empirical"?
A- Theoretical
B- Abstract
C- Complex
D- Tasty
E- Selfish
3- Complete the analogy: President : France :: Emperor : ?
A- Denmark
B- Belgium
C- China
D- Russia
E- Japan
4- "Revolver" is the same word if read backwords.
A- True
B- False
5- Which one of the following expressions explains the porverb: "A rolling stone gather no dirt"?
A- You should never conform with new ideas.
B- Conformity helps people stay decent.
C- One should never stay in the same plae for a long time.
D- We should always try to change the society we live in.
E- The rolling stones was a great band.
6- The following sentence will make sense if the word "gessar" is replaced by the word "science": the gessarists tried to make the discovery knowing it would help other gessars to make new ones, contributing to the advance of gessar.
A- True.
B- False.
7- Complete the analogy: Bullet : Gun :: Food : ?
A- Mouth.
B- Wheat.
C- Fork.
D- Oven.
E- Dishes.
8- Which one of these items does not belong in the series?
A- Cow.
B- Horse.
C- Sheep.
D- Lion.
E- Goat.
9- Which one of these items does not belong in the series?
A- Philosophy.
B- Biology.
C- Chemistry.
D- Physics.
E- Geology.
10- Complete the following analogy: Jupiter : Solar System :: Solar System : ?
A- Andromeda.
B- Mars.
C- Milky Way.
D- Galaxy.
E- Asteroid Belt.
11- Find the next item in the following series: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, ?
12- Find the next item in the following series: 1, 4, 14, 45, 139, ?
13- What is the aurter of the half of the one fifth of 100?
14- Find the item that does not belong in the series:
A- 174
B- 263
C- 354
D- 443
E- 434
15- Complete the following analogy: KC : 311 :: GH : ?
16- A car travels 30 miles in an hour, what is the average speed of the car?
A- 15 miles/hour.
B- 30 miles/hour.
C- 60 miles/hour.
D- 45 miles/hour.
E- 120 miles/hour.
17- Which item does not belong in the series?
3, 6, 15, 21, 30, 32
A- 3
B- 6
C- 15
D- 21
E- 30
F- 32
18- What is the next item in the following series?: 3, 12, 4, 16, 8, 32. ?
19- Complete the following analogy: 9 : 3 :: 12 : ?
20- What is the next item in the following series?: 1, 3, 7, 2, 4, 8, 3, 5, ?
21- Charles will be twice as young as Carla when she is as old as Jack is now. Who is the oldest?
A- Charles.
B- Carla.
C- Jack.
22- If Brad is older than Tania, and Tania is younger than Jackie, then:
A- Brad is older than Jackie.
B- Jackie is older than Brad.
C-impossible to tell who is older between Jackie and Brad.
23- Harry and Tom caught 40 fish together. Harry caught 3 times as much as Tom. How many fish did Tom catch?
A- 5
B- 10
C- 15
D- 20
E- 30
24- Greg has 4 red, 6 blue, and 9 green marbles. In complete ignorance of the marble he is picking, he picks a green one. How many marbles does he have to pick to be SURE that he has 2 green marbles? (the first marble has not been replaced).
A- 2
B- 15
C- 10
D- 12
E- 11
25- Sandy received a 50% raise on her salary. A year later, her salary was cut off 50%. Therefore:
A- Her current salary is less than what she was earning before the raise.
B- Her current salary is more than whar she was earning before the raise.
26- If Jessica spoke to Jeniffer, and Jeniffer spoke to Christie, therefore Jessica spoke to Christie.
A- True.
B- False.
C- Indeterminable from the facts given.
27- If all monkeys are sick, and Greg has many animals, some of them monkeys, then: 
A- All of Greg's animals are sick.
B- None of Greg's animals are sick.
C- Some of Greg's animals are sick.
28- If half the 11th graders have failed, and Daniel is in the 11th grade, then:
A- He has definitely failes.
B- There is 50% chance he has failed.
C- There is 75% chance he has failed.
D- He has definitely not failed.
29- If all chess players are intelligent, and all intelligent people have black hair, then all chess players have black hair:
A- True.
B- False.
- Indeterminable from the facts given.
30- If some aliens are good, and humans are not aliens, then:
A- Human are good.
B- Human are bad.
C- Indeterminable from the facts given.
31- Without drawing: When 3 circles intersect, what is the maximum numbers of independant areas we can have?
A- 3
B- 5
C- 6
D- 7
E- 8
32- Which one of these items does not belong in the series? A N F M H
(consider the letters' spatial/visual aspect).
A- A
B- N
C- F
D- M
E- H
33- If the time is 1:45, and the clock is hung in a way that the 12 points downwards, the minutes needle points to the left:
A- True.
B- False.
34- If you raise you right hand while looking at the mirror, which hand will your reflection raise?
A- Left.
B- Right.
35- Which item does not belong in the following series: M, N, A, L, C
(consider the letters from the spatial/visual aspect).
A- M
B- N
C- A
D- L
E- C
36- What is the next item in the following series: |, L, H, ?
(consider the letters from the visual/spatial aspect)
A- A
B- M
C- C
D- R
E- N
37- Which item does not belong in the following series: B, C, R, N, J.
A- B
B- C
C- R
D- N
E- J
38- Complete the following analogy: T|M : 7 :: T|NA :
A- 7
B- 8
C- 9
39- Complete the following analogy: Triangle : quadrilateral :: quadrilateral : ?
A- Circle.
B- Triangle.
C- Quadrilateral.
D- Rectangle.
E- Pentagon.
40- Complete the following analogy: LH : 32 :: MN : ?
A- 30
B- 34
C- 36
D- 40
E- 45
End of test.