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Smarts Society: For the intellectually gifted

      Lately, the internet has been infested by dozens of high-IQ societies which have miserably failed in a very short period of time. A few societies, such as Mensa, IHIQS and Sigma still dominate the market. The Smarts Society was created to enforce the quality of high IQ societies.
      The main goal of the society is to endorse quality dialogue between intellectually gifted people, namely people who score in the 2nd percentile on IQ tests. The Smarts Society is completely free, and members have no obligations at all. Therefore, we encourage anyone to try to join us. Even if you fail, you will know what is your accurate IQ score. The Smarts IQ tests are highly accurate, and you can help make them more accurate by submitting any scores you have received on other IQ tests.
      If you want to take the Smarts IQ tests, just visit the links, and send the answers to our e-mail address, You will receive your score in less than a week, and a score above 132 will directly qualify you for the Smarts Society. To find out how to apply, or how to submit prior evidence, please visit the "mebership application" page. There, you can find out how to apply, submit prior evidence, or submit proof that you belong to another high-IQ society with the same criteria as Smarts.
      Also on this page, we will display the names and the information of every single member we have.
Member # 001: Raffi Khalid
Founder and director of the society
Occupation: Biology teacher
Location: Amman, Jordan
Interests: Reading, science, math and philosophy.
Memberships to other societies: None
Member # 002: Vicente Lopez Pena
Society member
Occupation: -
Location: Spain
Interests: History and Sports
Membership to other societies: Sigma, TOPS, and Mysterium.
Member # 003: Kelly A. Dorsett
Society member
Occupation: Graphics Operator
Location: -
Interests: -
Membership to other societies: Mysterium & IHIQS
Member # 004: Stefan Radovanovich
Society member
Occupation: Student
Location: -
Interests: Astronomy, physics, mathematics, astrophysics, academia of all genres.
Membership to other societies: -
Member # 005: Wayne Cooper
Society member
Occupation: Lawyer
Location: Sydney, Australia
Interests: History and philosophy of science, literature, soccer.
Membership to other societies: Cerebrals.

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