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How to apply to the Smarts Society?

Here are the conditions for applying to the Smarts Society:
1- You have to score above 132 on one of the Smarts Society IQ tests.
2- Or submit prior evidence that you have scores above the 2nd percentile on one of the acceptable tests. (2nd column for tests accepted by the Smarts Society).
3- Or prove that you are a member of another society having the same criteria as the Smarts Society. For a list of societies, check the second column of this page.
4- There are no age restrictions.
5- There are no payments due at any time. The certificate of membership costs $5.
When sending your admission, please also send the following information:
Name, e-mail address, homepage, occupation, interests, other societies you belong to, other IQ tests you have taken and your scores on those tests. 

There are 4 ways to become a member of the society:
1- Take one of the 2 Smarts Society IQ tests, and score 132 or above.
2- Submit prior evidence. Here is a list of tests and scores we accept:
- Stanford-Binet: 132
- Weschler: 130
- Cattell: 148
- G-test: 132
- 916 test 132
- Sigma Society tests: 132
- IHIQS tests: 132 (all tests accepted)
3- Prove you are a member of one of the following societies:
- Mensa
- Sigma
- Intertel
- Mysterium
- Glia
- Mega
- Poetic genius
- Triple nine
- Cerebrals
- Giga
- Grail
- Pi Society
- Ultranet
4- If you submit proof that you:
- Have a high-school weighted GPA above 4.0. (USA)
- Have a high-school average of 92 and above.

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