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Smarts Society membership benefits + how the society works.

Membership Benefits
The Smarts Society provides:
1- Completely free service. The main service we provide is intellectual dialogue between intellectually gifted people. The society will hopefully include people from different continents and nations. To know how the discussions take place, read the 2nd column of this page.
2- The Smarts Society provides free IQ tests. Even if you are already a member or you do not want to join the society, you can take the free IQ tests and receive your score in less than a week. The tests are professional and have received the approval of many psychometrics. And you can also help us make the tests better by submitting any other scores you have on other IQ tests.
3- The Smarts Society provides a certificate. But, unfortunately, members have to pay if the desire to obtain the certificate. The certificate costs only $5.
4- Tournaments: Once the number of members exceeds 50, the Smarts Society will start organizing tournaments, namely in chess and checkers. The winners and the finalists will be awarded.
5- Society Publication. Once the number of the members exceeds 50, the Smarts Society will start publishing a quarterly magazine which will be accessible only by members. Also, members will be the only ones who will have the right to write in the magazine.
6- Society Discussions: Once the number of members exceeds 30, the society discussions will begin. They will be e-mail based discussion. See "how the society works for more details".

How the Society works
1- The Smarts Society is an e-mail based society. Therefore, all discussions will occur through e-mails. Anyone who wishes to start a topic for discussion should e-mail the society. We will send the topic to all other members. All replies should also be e-mailed to the society. The replies will also be e-mailed to all members. The topic will be closed 72 hours after it starts. The topics will be kept as archive by the society, accessible any time by the members.
2- There are no levels of membership. All members have the same rights and responsabilities.
3- We expect all discussions to be clean and civilised. Those who do not follow this rule will be warned twice. The third time they will be expelled from the society.

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